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Web Design

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We Design and Build Web Sites for Small businesses and Individuals. We act as your Consultant and Partner and build a site to suit your needs and your target audience's.

We believe in content, ease of use, information well structured and being search engine friendly.

A functional web site with the capacity to grow is our target. Once the site is designed and built, we like to think it is the beginning not the happy ending of a site construction!

Design Philosophy

Web Design

Usable, Content driven...

Ease of use, easy navigation for  site's visitors.

For site's administrators or owners, the ability to add content without the need of learning html or any programming.

For Site Designers / Coders the ability to use almost infinite resources, templates, modules, add-ons that are popular, tested, used and well supported!

Building Blocks

Building Blocks

Building Blocks

We start with a solid base and build on it. Our base is Open Source software, CMS systems and commercial Templates for a ready made Theme!.

The idea is to use proven systems, widely used therefore tested on different platforms and supported not only by developers but by other users. (User forums)

Next, our part is to build content, functionality and feel of each site!   Check Designs/Themes to see our starting point...

Our CMS is Joomla!

Content Management System - CMS

Joomla! We use Joomla!, a very popular open source CMS (and yes it is free!)

Joomla! is an open source CMS, whose ease of use and popularity are constantly growing. A one page site up to a Community site / Portal, will all be suitable for this excellent CMS!


Look & Feel
Rockettheme, is our choice as a template provider for Joomla! We start with a look & color theme and build content and functionality upon it, giving a unique feel for each site!
Extensions are modules that extends the functionality of Joomla!. This sliding tab, latest news and Site Gallery's image zooms are some examples...
An impressive choice of templates,with different themes and added functionality. Check Designs/Themes for a starting point of design choices.

Tech Used

Technology Used

Technology used is all Open Source.  We use Linux Boxes, running Apache Web Servers.
Dynamic applications are in php language and use MySQL relational Database.

Latest News

Latest Websites

Check our latest additions! Event Planners, Egypt - Will Plan your Event in and out of Egypt! Omni Careers - Career Counselors Nicoletta Montalbetti - Art Gallery Sailboats inEgyp...


We use Rockettheme templates as a starting point for site designs / themes. They have an impressive choice of commercial templates with a variety of  designs and color themes. Each month a new ...

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Welcome to inEgypt.org web site!

We are now totally converted to Joomla! based sites. Joomla! is an open source Content Management System (CMS), whose ease of use and popularity  are constantly growing. A one page site up to a Community site / Portal, will all be suitable for  this excellent CMS!

Check Designs/Themes tab for  design themes, you will find demos using Rockkettheme templates each with a different theme.

Also check our Portfolio / Sites gallery for different sites. CMS based, php applications, photo galleries...

Latest Sites

GSC Tennis Gharbi has now a web site to cover its yearly ramadan tournament,! Its a community site, and was mainly started to cover its tournament but is build to grow! Check our Portfolio...

Online Rentals, is a php booking/rental engine 'wrapped' in Joomla to have a nicer and easier to use interface.

IthacaHotels.org , it is for now a 'business online' site only, will soon be adding Hotels and a booking engine to reserve online!

Gretchen McCullough Author and Writer website! Enjoy reading short stories and essays about Egypt and the Middle East.

Omni Investment Management, a Real Estate Investment Company operating in UAE, Egypt, Canada and Russia.

And we just added a site to our Portfolio!
Sailboats in Egypt: MacGregor 26, the world best selling cruising sailboat is now in Egypt! Check details about that great cost/performance sailboat. You can buy a new one or rent it.

Check our very latest additions!
Omni Careers - Career Counselors
Nicoletta Montalbetti - Art Gallery
Event Planners, Egypt - Will Plan your Event in and out of Egypt!

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