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Our Latest sites are all Joomla! based, an excellent Content Management / Portal system; the "Best PHP Open Source Content Management System" for 2007. ( Winner of the prestigious Packt award for the 2nd time!).
Joomla is also the "most popular Open Source CMS based on user numbers."

Below is a collection of our sites, some are CMS based sites, 3rd party php applications, dynamic and static sites.

CMS based sites

Event Planners

Event Planners Egypt
, Planning for your events, whether business or social.

Omni Careers

Omni Careers
, Careers Counselors - Corporate and Individuals.

Nicoletta Montalbetti

Nicoletta Montalbetti
selected works. Image gallery of Nicoletta

Omni Investment

Omni Investment is an integrated group that is engaged in the development, finance and investment management of quality real estate in the world’s major markets. One of the leading real estate companies, serving a broad client base across Canada, Egypt, UAE and Russia.

Gretchen McCullough - Short Stories

Gretchen McCullough - Author, Writer's Website. Short Stories and Essays about the Middle East. This is a perfect site for Joomla's features of Articles, and Organization of Content in Sections, Categories, Articles...

Sailboats in Egypt
Sailboats.inEgypt.org MacGregor 26, the world best selling cruising sailboat is now in Egypt! Check details about that great cost/performance sailboat. You can buy a new one or rent it.

Apartments in Egypt

Online Rentals
- Check our online rentals application, a joomla website 'wrapping' a php/mysql booking application.

GSC Tennis gharbi

Tennis Gharbi at GSC (Gezira Sporting Club), it's a community site, and Joomla! based. We are using the Versatility Rockettheme templates, that seemed to be made especially for Gezira Tennis Gharbi players community.
Check some of the features and extensions, like photo Gallery, More news and the great module hilighting facilty .

Ithaca Hotels Web Site

IthacaHotels.org You will find a listing of great hotels, in a wide range of destinations, like South America, Africa... For the time being the site is still what we like to label: A business Online Card or Presence. We will be adding soon Hotels and an online booking engine...
We are using a simple theme, from our favorite joomla template provider..

Hawea.org - Endangered Historical sites Egypt Hawea.org - a Joomla based site, you will find a lot of features of a community site, login, submit news, calendar, blogs....(Most of Joomla functions). Some useful extensions like download module,etc....

This site is not operational, it is a test site.
But if you are interested in our historical sites (in Egypt) read the Reports in the site, they are actual, factual but have not been updated since posted on the site. (august 2006)

Cats in Egypt (Adopt) Cats.inEgypt.org - Cats Adoption website. You will find a lot of pictures of cats, a coppermine gallery with photos. It was set up originally for cat adoption mainly pictures of kittens. Being now a Joomla (cms) system, it can easily grow or have community sites features.

Note: This site is a personal website and managed by us, if you happen to live in Egypt, we would appreciate your help, so if you want to adopt a cat please visit and send us a word.

CMS with a 'wrapped' php/MySQL application

Online Rentals Application Online Rentals is a separate php/MySQL application (not a joomla extension/app), We kept the application as it is, and added a joomla interface for the main page, contacts, and any needed info. The booking/rental engine was integrated using the joomla 'wrap' feature. This makes it easy to keep using an already running application and adding a whole site around it! Using joomla's ease for updating/adding information.

inEgypt.org is the owner of the site and promoting it too. So please visit the site and if you happen to be a property owner contact site with details of your property and we will post it.

More Sites

cebc - canadaegypt business council

cebc - Canada Egypt Business Council.
An example of a dynamic site, using php/Mysql.

Note: We are not the current hosting/admin of cebc.
This site is kept for demo purposes only

Field-Invest.com - Stones


Quarries Owner, Marble and other stones provider.

Energyinc.org - Oil Services Company

EnergyInc.org - EnergyMea.com
Oil Field Services in Egypt and Middle East

Estetica Cosmetics

Estetica.inegypt.org - Aesthetic Medicine and its role in preventive ageing,
as well as its therapeutic role in treating problems involving physical appearance.

Es'har Maana 2000 Launch
Es'har Maana - Egyptian TV program
First Launch in summer 2000.