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Nagla Fathy

Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt
Mobile: 010-100 UWIN
email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Experience Summary:

From 1980 to Date in the Computer Field. Held several technical functions with NCR until 1995, from Support to Presale Business related demos for Top Executive Customers. Was a main participant in the launch of several Software products including UNIX, Arabic Informix, 4gl Tools and a new way of computing or client/server suite of tools called COOPERATION. Was also a main participant in the creation and was the Editor of a monthly newsletter called 'IntouchToo' for NCR Egypt local market. From 1996 worked as a freelance computer consultant; Giving Unix Courses to NCR customers based in the Middle East Gulf Area.
From 2000 to Date, a Free Lance Internet Consultant / Websites Designer and Hosting Services Provider.

Main Positions/Functions:

• Free Lance Internet Consultant and Websites Designer. Also reseller of internet hosting services
• Free Lance Instructor for NCR UNIX based customers in NCR Gulf area.
• Alliance Marketing Manager, NCR Egypt.
• System Architect/Cooperation specialist (A client/server suite of software), NCR Egypt.
• UNIX Systems Consultant and UNIX Systems Support, NCR Egypt.

Educational Background:
B.Sc. in Physics-Math from the American University in Cairo (AUC). High School - Mere de Dieu - Cairo.
Language Skills: Native Language: Arabic. Fluent English and French.

Formal Computer Education:
Courses taken at NCR/AT&T (abroad and locally) : Misc. courses in Operating Systems, Languages, Communications, Data Base systems and DB design, System Analysis and Design, Teaching and Presentation Skills.

Range of Experience / Functions:

Internet Consultation & Web Sites Design:  ( inEgypt.org )
Free lance web consultant for small online businesses. Designing Dynamic websites including all activities from information architecture to following traffic and statistics, specializing in content driven websites, using 'Joomla!' the popular Content Management System / Portal. Check Website and Portfolio
Free Lance Teaching:
Giving all the UNIX based series of courses, for administrators, programmers, application developer or support for NCR Customers in the Gulf Region and Africa.
Pre-Sale activities :
Seminars, Presentations, Demonstrations, Consultation and benchmarks, Sales Technical Support.
Business Analysis for tailored demos to high level executives (decision Support oriented)
Technical Writing:
Newsletters issued: 'Pharaohs Volume' for regional NCR internal use, and 'IntouchToo' a customer monthly newsletter which had over 800 copies distributed monthly, to the Egyptian Market.
Alliance Marketing:
Consisting of marketing activities based on strong technical background with the purpose of forming and maintaining alliances with other software entities.
Post Sale support: to NCR UNIX based customers, NCR Field Engineers, NCR application specialist and Software Houses working with NCR.
Education Activities:
Includes tailoring courses for local use, teaching classes and training support personnel, Pre Sale education courses
Arabization Activities & Integration activities:
Arabizing Applications, integrating Arabic in 3rd party base software.
Systems and database design:
Mainly in Presale conditions

Products and Systems Used:
Above activities/experience is based mostly on basic system software, which includes: Operating Systems, Databases, Client/Server applications including underlying network., and UNIX/MsWindows productivity tools and Business decision support tools.

Professional Activities:

  • Other NCR country support while at the Regional Support Center included a lot of travel for both learning and teaching
  • Participating in different computer exhibitions as a demonstrator and presenter
  • Arabization of NCR corporate application Packages , and building Arabic application on different platforms for demo purposes
  • Participation in Arabization of 1st NCR PC (DMV) in the U.S .A
  • Member of Arabic Task Group for NCR Middle East Area
  • Teaching Experience: To customer and NCR support Personnel
    Language, Unix O.S, Unix System Admin, Unix Tuning , Advanced C, Relational Data Base design, Informix Data Base, Uucp.
  • Seminars to Customer and NCR staff including the following subject: New way of Computing, COOPERATION, Informix Data base and 4GL tools, Unix , Security, Networking,
  • Was a pioneer in Unix support for our -very successful - NCR Towers in the Local market, by introducing it to NCR customers and a big number of local software houses that were implementing solution on NCR Towers.
  • Performed Post Sale support for Unix Towers to a large number of customer sites, started with Tower first installation and continued support for over 80 customer tower sites. Support included : installing, tuning, tailoring for Arabic environment, coaching customers and follow up whether by phone or visits
  • Was an active participant in introducing one of the first arabized 4gl tools (Informix 4GL) and environment in Egypt, activities consisted of Seminars to customer, consultants, exhibitions, and was followed by support of the product
  • Participated in Data Base design and writing data base applications in pre sale environment such as demo applications and in post sale such as customer consultation.
  • Trained and coached other NCR staff for Unix and Data Base support
  • Planned and implemented the organizational transition of support from our SSD department to Field Engineering Department (FED)
  • Was an active member in the planning and implementation phases of our product support center implementation included active participation in setting up our network of different machines, operating systems and communication protocols
  • Performed mainly pre sale activities for the introduction of client/server environment proprietary to NCR called Cooperation, which is based on standard operating systems (Unix and Dos), networks (LAN Manager), databases and Windows based misc. productivity tools
  • Alliance Marketing, consisting of marketing activities based on strong technical background with the purpose of forming and maintaining alliances with other software entities.
  • Free Lance Instructor for NCR Unix based Customer in the Gulf and Africa Region.
  • Internet Consultant and Websites Designer. Specializing in CMS (content management system) based websites, in particular Joomla! CMS.

Professional History:

  • Free Lance Internet Consultant and web designer from 2000 to Date
  • Freelance Computer Consultant/Teacher/Lecturer and Technical Writer from 1996 to Date
  • Free Lance Instructor for NCR Gulf Unix based Customers 1996 , 1997
  • Joined NCR (AT&T GIS) 1983 - 1995
  • Joined NCR Regional Support Center from Oct. 1979 to 1983
  • Before starting in the EDP field worked as a ground hostess in Airline industry (Alia) and in the logistics department of an Oil Company (Mobil Exploration)
  • Training for a couple of months in an IBM environment in Al Ahram Microfiche dept. , after graduation

This CV is posted online at: http://inegypt.org/cv.html - All Internet Websites related activities will be found on inEgypt.org Website