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Why a CMS? | Print |  E-mail

A lot of reasons.... for starters:

  • It is  much easier to maintain and add content  to the  web site. Joomla has a WYSIWYG edtior that will allow non-technical individuals to create and edit content.
  • It is dynamic, meaning that  content is  not hard coded in the page, it is separate from the graphics (the look or visual presentation fo the page).  So changes do not require changing all the page, but only the content.
  • The visual presentation, is done usually through applying 'Templates'. Ready made templates are getting greater looking all the time, cutting down on the startup time of a web site dramatically. And giving the ability for a site owner to 'see and choose' from different ready made displays.

 Since we use a ready made software, that is 'open source '  we are lucky to have available to us an almost overwhelming amount of 'users contributed' software in the form of add-ins or extensions (joomla uses the terminology of : extensions, module, components, Language, other...).  Some are free, some are very reasonably priced.

 So , when you have a CMS system, or specifically a Joomla based system, a number of 'Goodies' come with it, in the form of modules or plug-ins that are easily installable and that extend the site's functionality as:

  •  'Core Joomla' modules (comes with original joomla) like,  rss (news feed) module, login module, search module, and more.. (see the menu items above: 'Joomla!Stuff' and 'FAQ' )
  •  Additional modules that come bundled with the commercial templates we use, like slideshows, neat news displays, tabbed display of  modules and other... (we are using some in our home page: tabs , news and a zooming picture!)
  •  Finally a number of available (again being an open source,  there is a lot of contributions) extensions/modules specifically developed for Joomla!, some free and some commercial (usually very reasonably priced) .

Finally, a very important reason, is the final product : a Website built using all these open source components will have the following characteristics:

  • It will be able to use and always add features that are 'current web standards'; This is because Joomla and 3rd party Solutions usually have updates that would include new feature sets, keeping them up to current web standards.
  • Because it is used by many, a by product is: that it is well tested, (most important it will be tested on many different platforms and browsers). It will also be supported by its users in the form of forums for example.
  •  It is 'open', means that  all its users (developer, administrator, users) have almost equal access to it. It is not a developer closed property: anyone can add content and even maintain many of the software layers making up the website. (It will require some learning, but with a reasonably easier learning curve)