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Do you have a 'Niche" or Specialization ? | Print |  E-mail

Yes, we  Specialize in what we do best, and do it as good as the best....
We have a long background in computers and open source systems.:Unix based, databases...
+  communication skills, presentation skills....

So we invest in that,
Content based systems + Extensions, Templates etc... create an environment that is perfect for us!
It allows us to concentrate on the content , message and functionality of each web site!

Using familiar technology (seemingly complicated for others), then choosing from an almost 'infinite' customizable themes as a starting point.
Taking time to understand your business and site needs, we will find and customize all needed tools (bits and pieces, building blocks) to cover all your site functionality.

In summary, we use mainly Joomla CMS software, and all available 'add on' software that works with Joomal, starting with commercial Templates, and all needed  plug ins, modules to extend a site functionality depending on need.

 We are not a 'company' , we are freelance consultants/contractors. For the duration of the project we will be your partner, Your site will be 'ours' until the job is done or for as long as you want us.